Need Help Logging In?

What you need to access your account online.

To obtain access to your retirement account information, you will need an Internet browser that supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - a security technology that encrypts or disguises data. Browsers that support SSL include Netscape NavigatorTM (version 6.0 or higher) or Microsoft’s Internet ExplorerTM (version 5.0 or higher).

It is important, for your security, that you upgrade your browser to the highest level of encryption available (128 bit). You can download the latest versions of 128-bit browsers at Netscape or Microsoft.

What is my User ID?

For existing users, your User ID is initially your Social Security number. You always have the option to update your User ID to something other than your Social Security number. Once you update your User ID, you will no longer be able to use your Social Security number to access your account through Prudential's Online Retirement Center.

For new users, you have the option to create a unique User ID or use your Social Security number as your log in User ID.

Note to Intuit's Quicken or Microsoft Money Users:

Any time you update your User ID on the Prudential Retirement participant website, you will also need to update your log in ID's for any personalized financial planning software you may use, such as Intuit's Quicken or Microsoft's Money.

Note: There is generally a one day delay for Quicken or Money to recognize the new User ID you have created.

You can view detailed instructions at

How do I create a User ID?

To create a User ID, just select the "Change Your User ID?" link on the log in page. Remember to choose a User ID that you can easily remember. The following requirements help ensure that your User ID is unique and secure:

  • Your User Id must be between 6 and 32 characters and can contain any of the following characters: @, $, %, # and period (.)
  • User IDs are not case sensitive (upper and lower case letters are the same)

What if I forget my User ID?

Prudential provides online help to assist you in identifying your User ID. Simply click the "Forgot Your User ID?" link on the log in page.

What if I forget my password (PIN)?

Prudential provides online help to assist you in resetting your password (PIN). Simply click the "Forgot Your Password (PIN)?" link on the log in page.

Technical Help

If you are experiencing technicial difficulties in accessing the site, please
call 800-954-8644.

The above phone number is for technical assistance only. If you need help with your retirement account, please call the phone number listed on your retirement statement.